A Breakdown of the 2014 Charlotte Venture Challenge Finalist

Charlotte Venture Challenge Logo

The Charlotte Venture Challenge finalists have been announced. CVC will showcase the teams at the May 1st event. Over 100 startups located through out the southeast applied for the competition. The Grand Prize Winner from last year, Bio-Adhesive Alliance, was awarded $35,000. Finalists will present their businesses and answer questions from panels of investors and corporate executives and a winner will be chosen by each panel. Competition categories include consumer products and services, life sciences and biotechnology, IT & informatics, new energy and high tech, undergraduate student ventures and graduate student ventures. The teams in those categories are below. Continue Reading →

Which is More Scarce Capital or Talent?

scare capital or talent chart

Last week, local entrepreneur Alan Fitzpatrick asked an informal poll on his twitter page. This poll had one question. https://twitter.com/AFitzpatrick1/status/445538152888164352

I retweeted the poll curious to see how others thought and 36 respondents answered. These results match up with my casual discussions with members of the startup community. 14 respondents said that both capital and talent are scarce. Continue Reading →

Queen City Forward Announces Impact3 Spring 2014 Class

impact3 logo

Recently, Queen City Forward has changed the name of their social incubator. In the past, it was called Social Innovation Accelerator now it is called Impact3. The demo day for their last class was left with standing room only. They have now released the names of the organizations chosen for their Spring 2014 Impact3 class. 100 Gardens: creates aquaponics systems for learning centers. Continue Reading →